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Lawn Healthcare

Nothing adds to the beauty of property than the look of a well maintained stand of grass framed with appropriate plantings.  A healthy lawn is one that receives adequate moisture, properly timed nutrient applications, pest control, herbicide treatments when warranted, fungicide treatments when the tolerance is low, and the appropriate cultural maintenance factors.  If you remove one of these critical factors is will alter the desired results.  One of the biggest cultural factors we have seen is overcoming poor initial soil preparation.  Fortunately, we have several tools which enable us to correct this critical issue.  The key is to specifically design a program that delivers your expectations.

Whether it is organic lawn treatments you desire or a more traditional approach, we have a program that will fit your needs.  All programs are implemented by using Integrated Pest Management techniques or IPM and all of our Application Specialists are licensed to apply the products being used.

Additional Lawn Management Services

Core Aeration   ~   Slice Seeding and Over Seeding   ~   De-Thatching
Soil Modification   ~   Specialty Grass Seed   ~   Lawn Renovation
New Lawn Installment   ~   Soil Testing   ~   Sod Installation

Plant Healthcare

Coupled with our Lawn Services is our Plant Healthcare Service.  Our programs are designed to bring out the best performance of the plants on our client's properties.  To achieve this result, we will design a custom program that takes into account the age of the tree or plant, the tree or plant species, the site conditions, the soil conditions, the nutrient levels, fungicides, pest management techniques and correct cultural practices are implemented as needed.  As in our Lawn Healthcare programs we offer organic and traditional application services for proper plant health.

Additional Plant Healthcare Services

Mulch Removal   ~   Shrub Raising   ~   Pruning
Tying and Guying   ~   Radial Pruning

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